Silicone Hand Cuffs by Sex Extra | Adult Play


Made from silicone, these won’t chafe or hurt the wearer, and they’re great for discreet restraint play. Play out your fantasies in safety and comfort, and no worries about lost keys either!

One size fits all, the silicone expands and is easy to slip on and off without too much hassle.

These are hypoallergenic, lightweight, and waterproof and an eco-friendly alternative to rubber. 


For those just beginning their BDSM or bondage journey, add these soft and velvety silicone handcuffs to your bedroom play and experience restraint in a safe, silent, and secure way.

Made from the softest silicone, with no chains or keys, these make for quick and easy restraining. They’re delicate enough that they won’t irritate skin, but tough enough to withstand rough play.

They’re not likely to leave marks afterwards, and are quite easy to get in and out of – which is why they’re extremely BDSM-beginner-friendly.

These handcuffs also fold up quite small, so you can keep them with you for spontaneous sensual time. They’re also waterproof, so match up perfectly with other waterproof toys.


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