I Rub My Duckie | Waterproof Body Massager


Paris is her name and pleasure is her game.

Make your showers extra steamy by inviting Paris – the waterproof rubber duckie shaped body massager. Waterproof and providing strong and sensual vibrations in the head and tail, this little duckie is ideal for a solo bubble bath as well as couple fun time.

Dimensions 12.7 cm long by 8.89 cm wide by 12.7 cm around and weighs 297 grams
 Materials ABS Plastic
 Batteries 2 AA batteries, not included
 Waterproof  Yes
 Colour Black
 Controls  On product



Bath time just got a whole lot more fun.

Designed for the bath and/or shower, this vibrating massager is completely waterproof. It also works just as well outside of the bathroom, though. Add some massage oil and enjoy a full-body vibrating massage – then swop and return the favour.

Oh, and there’s no rule saying she can’t join you in the hot tub, either.

There’s one speed of vibration, which is activated by pressing down on the back. The head and tail give off strong pulses that will help to melt away any stresses. It’s a great companion to a candlelit bath with your favourite wine and preferred person <3

With her innocent eyes, genuine Swarovski crystal decor, and removable feather boa, this duckie won’t give away any of your secrets 😉


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