About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best products For You And Your Partner.

While sex toys and adult entertainment gadgets have been around forever, they’re usually marketed towards sexy solos and BDSM culture. With not enough being offered to committed couples. We thought it important to share the importance of intimacy in marriage, and help show that toys are a great way to fully enjoy and pleasure each other. Our products are designed for couples’ pleasure. We find suppliers with quality toys, lingerie and other fun items for the bedroom. We aim for discreet packaging, safe products for your bodies, and judgement-free online shopping. Our hope is to create a safe online space for anyone who enjoys or is interested in adding to their sexual pleasure. A space where couples can come together, without shame or judgement, and progress in their intimacy.

Our Company

Started at the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, Naked Nuptials was started on a dream of helping couples to get closer to each other in the bedroom. 

Knowing how most couples want to explore but do not want to go into a store and purchase items. Naked Nuptials want to make sure the customers can feel comfortable ordering online in a discreet manor.